ISRUIn-Situ Resource Utilization
ISRUIndustrial Statistics Research Unit (University of Newcastle; Newcastle, England, UK)
ISRUIslamic Society of Rutgers University
ISRUIstituto Sviluppo Risorse Umane (Italian: Human Resources Development Institute)
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In order to enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of members of the Shariah board, ISCU or ISRU, the IIFS should arrange continuous professional development including relevant policies and procedures, and all applicable legal and regulatory requirements so that they are equipped with the latest trends and developments.
Being part of a sustainable ISRU architecture is one reason why we're looking at cold gas propulsion," explains DuPuis.
The team hopes to implement the ISRU cold gas thruster system on the Mars Free Flyer prototype in the coming months.
The first in-space ISRU test has been targeted for 2018.
ISRU is currently able to provide heavily subsidised support to small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the North-East.
The goal of this AO is to demonstrate critical technologies in the end-to-end ISRU process chain for production of oxygen at the lunar surface and to characterize the ISRU feedstock at a location which is representative of those which will be visited by future human missions.
The ISRU module captures and extracts water, and takes advantage of the heat generated by the CubeSat electronics system, with supplemental power from solar charged batteries.
ISRU could potentially save the agency more than $100,000 per kilogram to launch, making space pioneering more cost-effective and feasible.