ISSCInternational Ship Security Certificate
ISSCInterstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference
ISSCInstitute for the Study of Social Change (San Francisco, CA)
ISSCInternational Social Sciences Council
ISSCIntegrated Systems Solutions Corporation
ISSCInformation Systems Steering Committee
ISSCInformation Systems Sub-Committee
ISSCInternational Seismic Safety Centre (International Atomic Energy Agency)
ISSCInformation Systems Support Center
ISSCInformation Systems Software Center
ISSCImposto Sobre Serviços de Comunicações (Portuguese: Communications Services Tax; Brazil)
ISSCInterdisciplinary School of Scientific Computing (University of Pune, India)
ISSCIvy Singles Social Club
ISSCInternational Snow Sculpture Championships (Breckenridge, CO)
ISSCInternational School for Scientific Computing (South Africa)
ISSCIn-Service Support Contract (Canada)
ISSCIntegrated System Support Concept
ISSCInformation Service Support Center
ISSCInformation Software Support Center
ISSCIndustrial Security Specialist Course
ISSCIn-Service Support Center
ISSCIntegrated System Support Center
ISSCInterservice Supply Support Committee/Coordinator
ISSCInternational Softswitch Consortium
ISSCInformation Systems Security Center
ISSCInternational Subcommision on Stratigraphic Classification
ISSCInternational SKA (Square Kilometre Array) Steering Committee (est. 2000)
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We are very excited to have the opportunity of merging with Universal Services of America, a company that has been in business as long as we have and has the same ethical approach to conducting business," said Chris Dempster, CEO of ISSC.
With a weight of 7-1/4 pounds, the ISSC even weighs the same as the standard MK 16 SCAR.
Legacy "intends to expand and improve upon the delivery and customer service of the ISSC lineup," and plans to "actively promote these products," according to Andy McCormick, Legacy's vice president of sales and marketing.
Recommendation: To better ensure the safety of oysters from the Gulf of Mexico that are sold for raw consumption, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) should direct the Commissioner of FDA to work with the ISSC to agree on a nationwide goal for reducing the number of V.
Collocated with the ISSC is the repair depot that is responsible for packing and vacuum sealing the parachute and life-raft assemblies used in the P-3 and E-2C aircraft.
Drawing upon an unprecedented cornucopia of source material (most notably, data from the UNESCO Archives in Paris; memoranda from the ISSC office; and the papers of Stein Rokkan, ISSC president from 1973 to 1977, housed at the Bergen, Norway, State Archives), Platt has prepared the definitive study of the ISSC.
Following the appointment of a full time Chief Financial Officer at ISSC, the company expects that Mr.
All the chips have built in multi-language capabilities and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data control is available for today's Smartphone Appcessory (App-Enabled Accessory) Cloud by ISSC applications.
The objective of ISSC 2004 is to focus on technical presentations of cutting-edge technologies.
This center will be a showcase for the Ameritech and ISSC managed services alliance," said Greg Brown, president of Ameritech Custom Business Services.
ISSC is publicly traded on the GreTai Securities Market and is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan (Hsinchu Science Park) with customer service or research activities in Shenzhen, China and Torrance, California.
Under the agreement, ISSC will manage Ameritech's data center operations and ongoing consolidation efforts.