ISSCRInternational Society for Stem Cell Research
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21), (27) In this sense, information technology providers should partner with organizations such as ISSCR to monitor and remove content from suspect stem cell providers that fraudulently promote their services online.
57) The guidelines of both the ISSCR and ISCBI stress the importance of international collaboration and harmonization in facilitating the progression of stem cell research.
QBRI's participation in the ISSCR conference has helped jumpstart human capacity-building in the area of stem cell research that is vital to the future of Qatar.
22) While the ISSCR acknowledges a place for investigator-led medical innovation, it does so with the caveat that such interventions must be conducted in line with the ethical obligation to do no harm.
The ISSCR and the NAS are really concerned in that there be overriding principles that guide human ES work.
40) ISSCR, "Guidelines for the Conduct of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research," version 1, December 21, 2006, www.
The ISSCR guidelines were drafted prior to any published work in iPS cell research, however, and the ISSCR will have to revisit them to determine whether blanket consent forms from tissue banks or exception from specified tissue donor consent is appropriate for iPS cell research.
So, how far do the ISSCR Guidelines want to allow embryonic stem cell researchers to go?
The ISSCR Guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research" (2007) 315 Science 603; Marcy Darnovsky & Susan Berke Fogel, "Oocyte Donation for Stem Cell Research" (2007) 316 Science 368.
The ISSCR 'Position Statement on the Provision and Procurement of Human Eggs for Stem Cell Research'[] recommends that'[p]aying (in cash or kind) women for providing eggs for research is ethically justifiable as a means of compensating them for their time, inconvenience, willingness to accept some risks, and reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses.
The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) developed guidelines for clinical translation of stem cell research ("Guidelines for the Clinical Translation of Stem Cells", online: ISSCR <www.
The Roddenberry International Symposium is a collaborative effort between the ISSCR and the Roddenberry Center for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine at the Gladstone Institutes.