ISSEInternational Studies in Sociology of Education (journal)
ISSEInformation Security Solutions Europe
ISSEInformation System Security Engineering
ISSEIndependent School Entrance Examination
ISSEInstitute for Solid State Electronics
ISSEIntel Streaming Simd Extensions
ISSEInternet Sse
ISSEInteger Sse
ISSEInternational Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology (IEEE)
ISSEInternational Students for Social Equality
ISSEInternational Salon & Spa Expo
ISSEInternational Secondary School Eindhoven (Netherlands)
ISSEInternet Streaming SIMD Extension (Intel processor command set extension)
ISSEInformation Support Server Environment
ISSEIndependent Safety and Security Examiner (Facebook)
ISSEInternational School-to-School Experience
ISSEInformation System Security Engineer
ISSEInformation System and Software Engineering (symposium)
ISSEInternational SAMPE (Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering) Symposium and Exhibition (annual event)
ISSEInstitute for Sales and Service Excellence
ISSEImagery Support Server Environment
ISSEInternational Symposium on Signals and Electronics
ISSEIn Situ Support Equipment (NASA)
ISSEImagery Security Support Equipment
ISSEIn-Service Support Equipment (US Navy)
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ICT security professionals, policy makers and industry leaders from across Europe attending ISSE 2008 will have the choice of more than 80 seminars and workshops, split over four specialist tracks plus a dedicated Spanish track hosted by INTECO and the Spanish Ministry of Interior.
The ISSE and DAA should also consider the following when selecting the evaluation assurance level: the value of the assets being protected; the risk of those assets being compromised; the resources of those who might try to compromise the assets; and the "robustness requirements, mission, and customer needs.
Hausman's ISSE presents a major intellectual challenge to economic methodology and economic science.
ISSE (Information Security Solutions Europe) to be held at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna from 7-9 October.
EEMA, has announced that the importance of biometric authentication technology is to be explored in detail at the European security conference, ISSE 2002.
ISSE is Europe's leading independent interdisciplinary security event and the 17th annual event will take place on the 15th and 16th November, at the Innovation Campus, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux.
The results of the pki Challenge will be demonstrated at ISSE (Information Security Solutions Europe) October 2-4 at Disneyland, Paris.
EEMA, a non-profit European association for the furtherance of electronic business, has announced that ISSE 2002 (Information Security Solutions Europe), the independent European security conference and exhibition will be held at Disneyland Paris from 2nd to 4th October.
The organisers of the ISSE - Information Security Solutions Europe - onference in London will also debate attacks on e-security.
Organisations concerned about the growing threat can hear the issues debated by world experts at ISSE 2001, which takes place from September 26-28 at the QEII Conference Centre, London.
The ISSE 2000 Conference Europe's major independent European Forum on IT security & e-business attracts over 500 delegates including, heads of government, corporations, lawyers, and users.