ISSGInvasive Species Specialist Group (IUCN)
ISSGInternational Syria Support Group (est. 2005)
ISSGInformation Systems Services Group (Chesterfield, MO)
ISSGIn-Situ Steam Generation
ISSGInformation Strategy Steering Group
ISSGInstitutional Self-Study Guide (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
ISSGInternet Services Study Group
ISSGIllustrated Shipboard Shopping Guide
ISSGIntelligence Support Steering Group
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Reichert: ISSG is a group that brings together end users and suppliers in a non-promotional environment where people can talk about issues, challenges and the direction the industry is going.
S over certain issues in Syria, the minister said that Russia will continue to play a role in the ISSG and help Lebanon to "reach a solution to the crisis in Syria that is in the interest of Lebanon's stability.
But they made little progress amid bitter recriminations between the ISSG co-chairs, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
The Russian officer called upon the parties in the ISSG, described as being references to the terrorist organization of "Ahrar al-Sham", to exert pressure on this organization to prevent it from launching a terrorist assault against a village in northern Syria he did not name according to a plan disclosed by the Russian intelligence.
So it has to change and that is really the homework of the members of the ISSG, they have to change this reality.
If during these talks and in the next rounds we don't see any willingness to negotiate, which we hope is not going to be the case -- obviously we will do what we want to do and we have done -- we will bring the issue back to those who have influence, and that is the Russian Federation, the USA, co-chairs of the ISSG, and the Security Council," Di Mistura said in a statement.
The ISSG is engaged actively in the implementation of the cease-fire.
Endowments and foundations were 2% behind their inflation-plus spending target year over year, ISSG said.
The ISSG also advise that Common Myna poses a particular threat to Mangaia's endemic Mangaia Kingfisher Todiramphus ruficollaris, classified as Vulnerable by the IUCN.
The schools which participated in the competition included the Al Arqam Academy, Al Resala ISSG, Al Wakra ISSB, Ali Bin Jassim ISSB, Al Sailiyyah ISSG, Amna Bint Wahab ISSG, Arwa Bint Abdul Muttalib ISSG, Birla Public School, Cambridge International School for Girls, Doha College, DPS-Modern Indian School, Khalifa ISSB, MES Indian School , Mosab Bin Omair ISSB, Omar Bin Abdul Aziz ISSB, Omar Bin Khattab ISSB, Park House, Pakistan Education Centre, Qatar Academy, Raba'a Al Adawiya ISSG, Rauda Bint Jassim ISSG and Tareq Bin Ziyad ISSB.
The ISSG Search Filter Appraisal Checklist was developed using consensus methods over three meetings of the ISSG during 2006 and 2007.