ISSMInternational Society for Sexual Medicine (Maarn, The Netherlands)
ISSMInstitut Steacie des Sciences Moléculaires (French: Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences; Canada)
ISSMInformation Systems Security Manager
ISSMInternational Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing
ISSMInstitute for the Study of Security Markets
ISSMInstitute of Sales and Marketing Management (UK)
ISSMInterim Semi-Static Stability Model (DIME/PMESII tool for evaluating the situation in OOTW)
ISSMInformation Systems Security Monitoring
ISSMIntegrated Security Systems Management (Valencia, CA)
ISSMIce Sheet System Model
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The goals of the ISSM are to encourage the highest standards of practice, education, and research in the field of human sexuality; to develop and assist in developing scientific methods for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of conditions affecting human sexual function; and to promote the publication and encourage contributions to the medical and scientific literature in the field of sexual function.
PE poses as a threat to the relationship of partners as men with this condition feel insecure, embarrassed, anxious and depressed, according to ISSM.
Thus, our initial sample of common stocks comes from the intersection of ISSM, TAQ, and CRSP daily files from 1984 to 2005.
Our primary method of identifying the insider trades from the background trading on the stocks is to match the price and size of each reported insider transaction with those trades recorded in the ISSM and TAQ databases.
Those using transaction data such as the ISSM or TAQ data should be aware of this noise in their data.
MaaS360's true cloud-based approach is in perfect synch with our goals to reform federal IT management systems," said Thomas Eaton, ISSM at the Office of the Chief Information Officer of the United States.
Philip Yarrow has been managing the Fund since 2007 and has been associated with ISSM and/or its affiliates since 2010.
For each trade in Carnation (with the exception of certain missing days), the ISSM database contains the date and time of the trade, the price of the trade, and the number of shares traded.
The main drivers for the 'AAA' rating affirmations are sufficient asset coverage provided to the ARPS by the trust's underlying portfolios of assets, structural protections afforded by mandatory de-leveraging/cure provisions in the event of asset coverage declines, the legal and regulatory parameters that govern the trust's operations and the capabilities of ISSM as the trust's investment manager.
1 ships with a complete Instruction Set System Model (ISSM) of the Cortex-M1 processor in addition to ISSMs of all previously announced Cortex family processors.
Fitch has simultaneously withdrawn the 'CAM2+' rating as ISSM has elected to no longer provide the access and information necessary to maintain the CAM rating.
ED Site Partners with XION Medical at 2012 ISSM and SMSNA Conference