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ISSPInternational Social Survey Programme
ISSPInternational Society of Sport Psychology
ISSPInternational Conference on Intelligent Systems and Signal Processing
ISSPInstitute for Solid State Physics (University of Tokyo)
ISSPIntensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme (UK)
ISSPInformation Systems Strategic Plan
ISSPIndia Statistical Strengthening Project
ISSPIn-School Suspension
ISSPInter-Solar System Police (anime)
ISSPInternational Space Station Program
ISSPImpact Sourcing Service Provider (various orgnizations)
ISSPInformation Systems Security Professional
ISSPInternational School of Subnuclear Physics (Italy)
ISSPInternational Seminar on Speech Production
ISSPInternational Society of Sustainability Professionals (Portland, OR)
ISSPIntegrated Soldier System Project (Canada)
ISSPInformation System Security Program
ISSPInternet Security Suite Plus (antivirus software)
ISSPIntensive Support and Supervision Program (Canada)
ISSPIntegrated Single Specialty Provider (health care)
ISSPSystem-Specific Impulse
ISSPInterim Interswitch Signaling Protocol
ISSPIssue-Specific Security Policy
ISSPInstructional Support System of Pennsylvania
ISSPInter Solar Systems Pol
ISSPIndividual Service and Support Plan (behavioral science)
ISSPInterservice Supply Support Procedure/Program
ISSPIndian Society for Study of Pain (Gujarat, India)
ISSPIndividualized Student Success Plan
ISSPInternational Society for the Study of Pain
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The ISSP(2) is a continuing programme of cross-national collaboration that began in the early 1980s and now includes over 30 countries (for further detail, see the ISSP website at http://www.
Thus, the existence of such self-perceived variables is another reason why the ISSP data set is interesting to analyze.
The ISSP surveys purport to measure environmental attitudes, but Zaller (1992) has argued convincingly that the "attitudes" surveys measure are both shallow and ephemeral.
Only a little more than a quarter of Hungarians ISSP asked in 1986 admitted ever attending church and only 6 percent reported going regularly.
Unlike typical educational intervention programs, Bright Start's ISSP helps international students succeed in the classroom by teaching them how to succeed in the community as well.
So, contact the ISSP Help Desk at DSN 879-1829 or (520) 538-1829 or email csla.
Professor Sidonio Serpa was elected President of the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) Managing Council 2009-2013 at the General Assembly meeting held at the ISSP 12th World Congress (June 17-21, 2009, Marrakesh, Morocco).
In that ISSP poll, most European countries only registered between 20 and 30 per cent for confident belief in God, although Italy struggled up to 51 per cent, Ireland reached 58 per cent, and Poland got the prize with 66 per cent believers.
The YJB said the ISSP scheme was succeeding in bringing down the re-offending rate among youth criminals, albeit narrowly.
If I hadn't come on the ISSP I would be in prison, or be the same as I was.