ISSPPIntegrated System Safety Program Plan
ISSPPInformation System Security Practices and Procedures
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Four seminal studies in the early 2000s acted as the foundation for the ISSPP research in the areas of leading schools in times of change (Day, Harris, Hadfield, Tolley, & Beresford, 2000), successful school leadership (Gurr, Drysdale, Natale, Ford, Hardy, & Swan, 2003), leadership for school-community partnerships (Kilpatrick, Johns, Mulford, Falk, & Prescott, 2002), and leadership for organizational learning and improved student outcomes (Mulford, Silins, & Leithwood, 2004).
The general codes were determined by the larger ISSPP research protocol that was driven by research questions such as, Do different countries have different ways of defining success?
While similar findings have been reported in other ISSPP case studies in countries such as Norway, Australia, and the United States, it appears that the findings were interpreted differently.