ISSRInter Simple Sequence Repeat (genetic identification technology)
ISSRInstitute for Social Science Research
ISSRInternational Society for Science and Religion ( University of Cambridge, UK)
ISSRInternational Society for the Sociology of Religion (est. 1948)
ISSRInternational Shiloh Shepherd Registry (dog breeding)
ISSRInformation Systems Security Representative
ISSRInside Services Sales Representative (job title)
ISSRIn School Suspension Room
ISSRIBM Software Services Rational
ISSRInternal Software Specification Review
ISSRIncremental Software Specification Review
ISSRIn-Service Support Review
ISSRInside Screening Router
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A new system of comparing PCR primers applied to ISSR fingerprinting of potato cultivars.
trichocalyx in Illinois will have lower levels of ISSR marker diversity than a larger population in Missouri.
The great advantage of ISSR is that the primers work universally for many animal and plant species.
Despite all the fanfare with which ISSR was propped in Spain in 2002, its subsequent history suggests that this secretive organization had other designs but perhaps the subsequent world situation rendered its hidden motives obsolete, at least for now, and Templeton gurus are now interested in keeping it dormant until its utility re-emerges.
Given that few school psychologists serve a single campus, it is essential for the school psychologist to train other staff members to serve students in the ISSR.
An evaluation of Sceptridium dissectum (Ophioglossaceae) with ISSR Markers: Implications for Sceptridium systematics.
6] revealed that ISSR markers provided sufficient polymorphism and reproducible fingerprinting profiles for evaluating genetic diversity of wheat genotypes.
Even if this marker is genetically very different from the isozymes, genetic diversity levels and differentiation patterns between isozymes and dominant markers such as RAPDs, ISSR and AFLPs can be compared, as shown in the reviews of Nybom and Bartish (2000) and Nybom (2004), which demonstrated that mean values for genetic diversity (measured with [H.
alba were genetically investigated by molecular markers ISSR and RAPD to clarify the origin of such diversity and it was concluded that genetically similar specimens may have different chemical compositions, so there might be no relationship between the genetic and chemical diversity found in L.
As a scientist, I inevitably felt the obligation to disclose my recent findings and analyses to international anthropologists specializing in shamanism in such places as the 1st International Conferences of the ISSR in Seoul, 1991 and the 3nd Conference of the ISSR in Nara, November 25-29, 1995.
In addition to helping assess the invitational climate of schools, the ISSR can also assist school personnel in identifying weaknesses in the system that could be corrected (Smith, 2007).