ISSSTEInstituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de Los Trabajadores del Estado
ISSSTEImposible Solicitar Servicio Solo Tramitamos Entierros
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This purchase by ISSSTE adds high performance, connected, feature-rich devices to its network," said Kurt Lemvigh, international vice president, Cardiac Science.
Apart from the reform regarding the ISSSTE workers, there is a possibility that independent workers will be able to have an afore.
During 2010, the company's main mortgage providers were Instituto del Fondo Nacional de la Vivienda para los Trabajadores (INFONAVIT) and Fondo de la Vivienda del ISSSTE (FOVISSSTE), representing approximately 50% and 15%, respectively, of the company's total units sold, while Alternativa Urbi Traditional and SHF/others represented approximately 28% and 7%, respectively, during the period.
In the short term, transition costs of the ISSSTE reform will outweigh immediate savings, although savings in the medium term will change that situation.
Even though it was Congress who approved the plan, the Calderon administration was lobbying heavily for it on the premise that this was the only way to keep the ISSSTE solvent (see SourceMex, 2007-03-28).
On the surface, the reforms to the ISSSTE, which manages the pension accounts and health benefits of some 2.
The company is dedicated to producing a wide variety of interchangeable generic medicines (GI), for the IMSS, ISSSTE, Marine and departmental stores, as well as its own line of medicines with excellent quality.
BULLETIN BOARD: ISCR) , a leading distributor of life saving prescription drugs and diagnostics and Wi-Fi PDA technology provider to the medical, lodging and satellite media industries and the developer of patent-pending technologies for e-health and EMR applications today announced that it has entered negotiations for an exclusive Strategic Development and Marketing Agreement with the health agency ISSSTE (Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado) an administrative arm of the Mexican Federal government.
The rating revision comes on the heels of the Mexican government's recent passage of pension reform legislation, the so-called ISSSTE reform, and the passage of the Fiscal Responsibility Law (FRL) in 2006.
Further, the Company's sales through one of its other distributors, Grupo Marzam, have expanded to include deliveries to a government branch known as ISSSTE ("Instituto de seguridad y servicios sociales de Trabajadores del Estado" or Governmental Workers, Social Security and Services Institute) which sells to Mexicans who cannot afford to obtain medications at normal market prices.
The rating revision reflects further improvement in Mexico's external solvency ratios, the passage of the Fiscal Responsibility Law (FRL), which buttresses the credibility of the country's fiscal policy, and the recent passage of the civil servants' pension reform - the so-called ISSSTE reform.
In the trial at Hospital Regional 1 de Octubre ISSSTE in Mexico City, 12 obese patients were treated starting in February 2006 by Dr.