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ISSTIBM (International Business Machines Corporation) Software Services for Tivoli
ISSTFraunhofer Institut für Software- und Systemtechnik
ISSTInternational Society of Schema Therapy
ISSTInstitute of Social Studies Trust
ISSTInstitut de Santé et de Securité Au Travail (Tunisia)
ISSTInternational Schools Sports Tournament
ISSTIndian Standard Strip (steel construction)
ISSTIn-Service Support Team
ISSTInfrared Surveillance of Surface Targets
ISSTIndian Standard Long Legged Tee Bar (steel construction)
ISSTICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) SHF (Super High Frequency) Satellite Terminal
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Los analisis de inferencia estadistica mostraron que los hombres obtienen puntajes significativamente mas altos que las mujeres en el ISST (t(198) = 9.
Los resultados mostraron que la adiccion al cibersexo mantiene una correlacion inversa y significativa con el CSI, lo que sugiere que el ISST podria tener validez empirica.
En el primer estudio se evaluo la validez empirica del ISST mediante su correlacion con un instrumento que mide la calidad de la relacion de pareja del individuo.
The equal-weighted (TNA-weighted) implicit ISST indicates that mutual funds would have lost a statistically significant 0.
Table IV also indicates that regardless of the time at which trading is assumed to take place, ISST is much more important economically than the other two trading measures, reinforcing my main conclusion that choosing stocks within industry is the primary source of manager skill.
En definitiva, consideramos que el ISST adaptado para su administracion a la poblacion espanola puede ser un instrumento apropiado para la evaluacion de la adiccion al cibersexo.
Use of the ISST in future studies is called into question by this research.