ISTBInternational Society for Takeda Budo (martial arts)
ISTBIntegrated Subsystem Test Bed
ISTBInstitute for Surgical Technologies and Biomechanics (Switzerland)
ISTBIntegrated Subsystem Tank Bed
ISTBIrish Software Testing Board (County Cork, Ireland)
ISTBInterdisciplinary Science and Technology Building (Arizona State University; Tempe, AZ)
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Also included is a review of test installations of ISTBs done in a typical home using over 9 platforms and services.
Oracle is pleased to have Samsung offer the ISTB as another deployment option for our developers," said Sohaib Abbasi, senior vice president of Oracle's Tools Products Division.
The ISTB runs on a PowerPC 603/66 MHz processor with the Microware OS-9/DAVID 2.
Figure 5-11: ISTB Evolution -- Assumptions From Driving ISTB Forecast
Table 10-4: ISTB + STB + DVD/Blu-ray General Specifications
Teachers have access to specialist behavioural learning support officers (in-school aides) and ISTBs (external).