ISTDImperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (UK)
ISTDInternal Standard (Gas Chromatography)
ISTDInter-Service Topographical Department
ISTDInternational Society of Typographic Designers (London, England)
ISTDInstrument Systems and Technology Division (US NASA)
ISTDInformation Systems and Technology Department (various organizations)
ISTDInstitute for the Study and Treatment of Delinquency (UK)
ISTDIntegrated Space Technology Demonstration
ISTDInstitute for Safety Through Design (OSHA)
ISTDInternational Society of Teledermatology
ISTDICT (Information and Communication Technology) and Science and Technology Division (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
ISTDIntegrated Services Technology Development
ISTDIntegrated Spatial-Temporal Detector
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A questionnaire was administered to 356 Jordanian citizens who regularly accessed the internet and who were major users of ISTD and DVLD's services, to obtain their perceptions about e-government adoption.
That was in January of 2000, and that's when we started TerraTherm LLC, to commercialize this ISTD technology on behalf of the University of Texas.
The mass selective detector was operated in selected ion monitoring mode using ions characteristic of the analyte (derivatized histamine--m/z 94, 307, 349) and the ISTD (m/z 97, 311, 353).
The ISTD official stressed that all financial and electronic records related to this issue are documented, expressing his regret at such accusations.
PICTURED here are students, Maisie Kewin, Sienna Wilkinson and Naomi Parkinson, from Chris Wright''s School of Dance and Drama, ahead of their ISTD Grade Four tap exam.
It is now an approved dance centre within the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, ISTD, one of only two in Liverpool offering a full range of dance genres.
Four other students on the same degree course, Katie Gray, 21, of Middlesbrough, Melanie Peters, 27, of Germany, Gemma Priestley, 20, of Middlesbrough and Elly Taylor, 23, of Saltburn, have also earned ISTD membership - enabling them to use MISTD after their name to signify recognised skills in typography.
For acidic hydrolysis, 15 ng of ISTD and 100 [micro]L of 1 mol/L sodium metabisulfite were added to each glass tube containing 1 mL of plasma, and 60 [micro]g of 4-methylcatechol was added to each tube to prevent the binding of phenolic compounds to proteins.
ISTD northern Amman branch daily receives between 300 to 500 people.
07 N-Ethylnorcotinine 1000 ISTD (h) ISTD Compound LOD, [micro] g/L Calculated recovery, % Nicotine 103 30 3-OH-cotinine 5 34 Cotinine 1 108 Caffeine 10 81 N-Ethylnorcotinine ISTD 72 B.