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To be eligible all applications for the ISTG Young Achievers Scholarship have to be submitted between December 2nd, 2013 and February 21st, 2014.
The selection of the recipient of the ISTG Young Achievers Scholarship will be based on:
Essay responses may be used by ISTG for a variety of purposes including publishing.
The ISTG Young Achievers Scholarship winner must provide all necessary information to ISTG within three months of notification date to prevent the scholarship being forfeited.
ISTG reserves the right to modify any aspect of the scholarship at any time with or without prior notification.
Granting of scholarship is not guaranteed by applying to the ISTG Young Achievers Scholarship.
Potential quotes: (Moussa Traore, ISTG Executive Director) “When we work with schools, we try to make sure that our projects complement and support their instruction.
Olufemi Dosunmu, ISTG Senior Consultant) “We like to believe that we have made a measurable impact these past few years with our programs.
Toussaint, ISTG Senior Consultant) “The connection between STEM issues here and Africa may not be apparent to most.