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ISTRInternationales Steuerrecht (German: International Tax)
ISTRInteroperability Standards Technical Reports
ISTRInformation Security and Testing Research
ISTRI Seem To Recall
ISTRIt Stands To Reason
ISTRI Seem to Remember
ISTRInstitute of Safety in Technology and Research (UK)
ISTRInternational Society for Third-Sector Research
ISTRInternet Security Threat Report (Symantec)
ISTRInstitute for Science Training and Research
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Genetic analyses of some species of Agave have been done using ISTR markers.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the significance of ISTR markers to assess the variability within and among three natural and intensely gathered populations of A.
durangensis in Durango, Mexico, to individually obtain and analyze DNA using ISTR markers.
Genetic similarity Jaccard's coefficient) among populations based on ISTR marker data was calculated and presented as a dendrogram constructed using the Past 1.
With ISTR fingerprinting, a total of 91 sequences were amplified by two pairs of ISTR primers across 65 individuals of A.
asperrima as revealed by cluster analysis based on ISTR markers.
However, genetic information based on the ISTR profiles was more useful.
The variability of the populations at Sierra El Registro and El Venado also is seen through cluster analysis based on the ISTR profiles.
The ISTR markers have proven to be successful in revealing the variability within and among populations of A.
Comparative study of the discriminating capacity of AFLP and ISTR markers for genetic analysis of Agave fourcroydes.
INCSTAR is traded on the National Market System under the Nasdaq symbol ISTR.