ISTUIsometric Strength Testing Unit (hand grip device)
ISTUInternational Social Trends Unit (research; Ipsos; UK)
ISTUInternationale Studententheaterunion
ISTUIrkutsk State Technical University (Russia)
ISTUInternational Society for Therapeutic Ultrasound
ISTUInternational Symposium on Therapeutic Ultrasound
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8 ii 31-34, our verb there may likewise refer either to wiping the tongue with a substance or wiping it clean with some instrument: [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] hasawas x-x dau n=an=kan EME=SU sartaiddu EGIR-da=ma=an ISTU I.
7 i 1-2: nu hudak DINGIR-LUM ISTU SA LUGAL humandas hurdiyas uddani gangataizzi, "Then from the direction off the king (s)he immediately purifies the deity with gangati in the matter of all the curses.
ISTU GUD-ia-smas 10 UDU-ia zankilanzi 'but if you keep delaying it (offering to the gods), then that is a sin on your part, and they will consult an oracle; (they will do as the gods direct, and) they will fine you a cow and 10 sheep as well'.