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ISUIIntelligent Social User Interfaces (human interaction)
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Additional Benuaq Ohookng villages are also present in the Tanjung Isui area of Kecamatan Jempang.
The Benuaq Ohookng Dayak referred to in this paper live in four villages, namely Lempunah, Pentat, Muara Nayan, and Mancong, all of them situated along the small Ohong River (Okookng in their language) in the Tanjung Isui area in East Kalimantan, Kutai Barat, Kecamatan Jempang.
During my seven research journeys to the Benuaq Ohookng (1976-2006), my friendly and knowledgeable informants were the late Kepala Adat Dangud of Tanjung Isui, the late Kepala Adat Bakot of Lempunah and his son-in-law Anatolius Teng.