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ISUPIntegrated Services User Part
ISUPInternational Society of Urological Pathology
ISUPInternational Summer University Program (various locations)
ISUPInternational Symposium on Unconventional Plasmas
ISUPInstitut de Statistiques de l'Université de Paris (French: University of Paris Institute of Statistics; est. 1922; Paris, France)
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There was some transient improvement in discordance corresponding to the ISUP update, but its effects may have been erased by the impact of active surveillance.
In the 2005 ISUP Modified Gleason System, very small, well-formed glands were still considered within the spectrum of Gleason pattern 3; however, a departure from the original Gleason system was that "individual cells" are not allowed within Gleason pattern 3.
Glossary BICC: Bearer Independent Call Control (BICC) ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network ISUP: ISDN User Part PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network SIP: Session Initiation Protocol SIP-I: Session Initiation Protocol with encapsulated ISUP SIP-T: Session Initiation Protocol for Telephones About 3G Americas: Unifying the Americas through Wireless Technology
Exporting the above results, the authors concluded that the ISUP grading system offers a more reliable way to estimate cancer biological behaviour and to better identify the best candidates for conservative treatments.
ISUP onerilerine uygun olarak, mGd sistemiyle degerlendirme yapilirken, prostat IB'lerde Gleason derece 1 ve 2'nin kullanimi kisitlandi, sadece normal bezle ayni buyuklukte ve duzgun sinirli olan kribriform bezler derece 3 olarak degerlendirilirken bunun disindaki kribriform yapilar derece 4 olarak degerlendirildi (Sekil 1-3).
Making things even worse, ISUP messages themselves are not standardized.
Ready scripts are available supporting various protocol services including Basic Call Service protocol (IFAM, IAM, ACI, Bearer Establishment), Request Service protocol, Nodal End-to-End Data protocol, Enveloped ISUP Essential Service protocol, and ISDN Call Handling Service protocol.
the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure services for the Internet and telecommunications networks, today announced that it has signed a multi-year contract with US LEC, one of the largest Competitive Local Exchange Carriers in the United States, to provide network services including Signaling System 7 (SS7) Connectivity, Calling Name Database (CNAM) Storage and Access, Toll-Free Database and ISUP Trunk Signaling.
5 adds enhancements to the SS7 management and supports SS7 blocking and unblocking of channels according to ITU-T ISUP specifications.
Contractor name : ISUP INGENIEURBE[pounds sterling]RO FE[pounds sterling]R SYSTEMBERATUNG UND PLANUNG GMBH
Bearer Independent ISUP: Enables the development of infrastructure elements and nodes in the next-generation architecture (NGN), and the conversion of ISUP signaling to SIP signaling in the transition to NGN networks, regardless of the bearer traffic route.
May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- SS8 Networks(TM), a leading developer of signaling and enhanced solutions for the telecommunications industry, announced today that Hong Kong-based Interactive Technology Holdings Limited (ITHL) has selected the SS8 ServiceController(TM) 1910 distributed SS7 platform for its USSD and ISUP Signaling Gateway solutions.