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ISWGInformation Systems Working Group
ISWGImperial Standard Wire Gauge
ISWGIntegrated Services Working Group (IETF)
ISWGInteroperability Sub-Working Group
ISWGInternationale Siegfried Wagner Gesellschaft e.V.
ISWGInstallation Support Working Group
ISWGInterlocal Stormwater Work Group (Portland, ME)
ISWGInvasive Species Working Group
ISWGInteragency Sustainability Working Group
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The ISWG felt that efforts might focus on preventing the evolution to the organized business stage.
One area that the ISWG working group identified as a major potential tool against organized piracy is the reduction of individuals recruited into organized piracy.
For flexibility and a seamless production, the ISWG integrated software system was conceived and developed to integrate all phases of tire development from design to process specifications and manufacturing.