ISWMInternational Society of Weighing and Measurement (Rockville, MD)
ISWMIndependent Songwriter Web-Magazine
ISWMIslamic Society of Western Massachusetts (est. 1982)
ISWMIntegrated Scrap and Waste Management
ISWMInternet Service Werbung Marketing (German: Internet Service Advertising Marketing)
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The final goal of this initiative will be to see ISWM used globally, turning waste in a resource, supporting green growth worldwide.
The Consultant shall take into account the findings of the existing ISWM project prepared in 2012, including justification of construction of the transfer stations.
Tenders are invited for Selection of Consulting Agencies for carrying out Feasibility Study and Preparation of Draft Detailed Project Report on Integrated Solid Waste Management ISWM Projects based on Regional Landfill Site Concept for Ratlam Zone
Tenders are invited for Selection of Consultant For Preparation of Detailed Project Report on ISWM For Holalkere Town Panchayath