ISWPInstitute for the Study of World Politics
ISWPInland Surface Waters Plan (California State Water Resources Control Board)
ISWPIllinois State Writing Project
ISWPIndian Steel and Wire Products Limited (est. 1920)
ISWPIntercollegiate Stroke Working Party (UK)
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This aspect is an important component of ISWP, because it moves students beyond the realm of personal transformation and into the realm of social transformation--a particular focal point of indigenous social work approaches in many countries in the global South (Gray & Fook, 2004; Hochfeld, 2002).
As a result of differences among practicum placements, it is not always clear empirically to what extent ISWP affects students and the intended beneficiaries of students' work.
Although ISWP can have positive outcomes on students when implemented effectively, there is still little knowledge about how these placements ultimately impact host organizations and communities.