ISWSIllinois State Water Survey
ISWSInternational Symposium on Web Services and Applications
ISWSInternational Silken Windhound Society (Texas; dog breeding; est. 1998)
ISWSWorkshop on Information Systems & Web Services
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Two proposals to develop such a radar were independently submitted by both the ISWS and the University of Chicago.
While at ISWS, Lamb's research interests included studying the physical and dynamical processes responsible for climate and its seasonal-to-interannual-to-decadal-scale variations, particularly for regions in North America and Africa where the vital growing season rainfall is delivered by mesoscale weather systems.
In the early 1990s, when the ISWS began to divest itself of such advanced sensor platforms and to diminish its scope of research, Lamb realized that would make it difficult for him to accomplish cutting-edge research and maintain his international collaborations, so he began a new phase of leadership in Oklahoma.