IT6Innovations in Textiles 6
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26 Factor IT6 (Innovation capability: development of innovation culture) It indicates the option that you consider better represents the innovation capability of your company, having in consideration the frequency with which the activity happens.
Directeur du programme de recherche La Fondation canadienne du rein 300-5165 Sherbrooke ouest Montreal, QC H4A IT6
Higher machining accuracy than previously achieved must be attained--specifically accuracy in the IT6 class.
Considering the fact that requirements connected with machining accuracy achieved on lathes for all operations fit in ISO tolerance class range from IT6 to IT12 it was found that the tested lathe fulfils all mandatory requirements connected to machining accuracy.
Montreal, QC CAN H4A IT6 (514) 369-4806 (514) 369-2472 (fax) * kathleen@kid ney.
Montreal, PQ CAN H4A IT6 (514) 369-4806 (514) 369-2472 (fax) ?