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ITAAInformation Technology Association of America
ITAAIncome Tax Assessment Act (Australia)
ITAAInternational Transactional Analysis Association
ITAAInternational Textile and Apparel Association
ITAAIrish Travel Agents Association
ITAAInformation Technology Achievement Award
ITAAInternational Tattoo Artists Association
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ITAA consists of 400 direct and 26,000 affiliate corporate members throughout the US, and a global network of 41 countries' IT associations.
We are pleased to have an executive with Ron's background and experience with e-Learning issues chair this committee," said ITAA President Harris N.
The hubris of this group is breath-taking," said ITAA President Harris N.
Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to technology to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency and manage administrative and regulatory burdens," said ITAA President Harris N.
We have long held the position that global sourcing creates more jobs and higher real wages for American workers," said ITAA President Harris N.
The ITAA white paper was distributed to key Members of Congress and staff in advance of today's Senate Subcommittee on Immigration hearing on the topic.
1588 is nearly inconceivable on many critically important IT products," said ITAA President Harris N.
For additional program details, visit the ITAA website at www.
The ITAA Information Security Awareness Certification program covers topics that computer users need to know to avoid potentially costly cyber security mistakes.
We congratulate Chairman Boehlert for his leadership on this issue and for assembling the kind of team that can 'walk the talk' when it comes to information security," said ITAA President Harris N.
We are delighted that a company of the stature of CACI has participated in the pilot program and achieved this recognition," said ITAA President Harris N.
The willingness of Veridian to be an early adopter of the I-ACERT program speaks volumes about the commitment of this firm to raising information security awareness," said ITAA President Harris N.