ITABInstitut Technique de l'Agriculture Biologique (France)
ITABIndustry Training Advisory Body
ITABInformation Technology Advisory Board (US DoD)
ITABInformation Technology Applications in Biomedicine (conference)
ITABIndian Taxation Advisory Board (Canada)
ITABInformation Technology Acquisition Board (DoD JCIDS)
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Apart from the advisory and statutory boards and councils and the ITABs (where they exist), there is a range of linkages and, in some cases, partnerships with industry associations, unions and individual companies.
As chairman of ITAB he has worked closely with the minister of Indian Affairs to try to get C-19 passed into law.
Last year, the ITAB adopted a revised mission statement and leadership structure and, this year, has already drafted two additional position papers--one calling for Congress to renew Presidential TPA next year and another calling for the zero-for-zero duty eliminations on converted items made from nonwoven fabrics during the ongoing WTO talks.
The ITAB members representing branches nationwide are participating in this endeavor.
Other key features of the new ITAB Leadership Structure/Succession Plan include: two-year staggered terms for the co-chairs without term limits, recommendations from INDA staff regarding future co-chair appointments with final decisions requiring the advice and consent of the entire ITAB as well as the right to amend the system as needed.
The ITAB is the first independent, Aboriginal-controlled body to be involved in ministerial decision-making under the Indian Act.
In announcing this change, INDA President Rory Holmes noted, "International trade is a critical issue for the global nonwovens industry and we are confident that Gonzalo and David will lead the ITAB in its efforts to ensure that trade is conducted in a fair and transparent manner.
Moreover, the leadership of INDA's ITAB is currently in flux, with a new chairman expected to be named in the coming weeks.
As such, the ITAB has generally supported free trade pacts between the U.
This is especially true, we were repeatedly warned, in light of the fact that ITAB positions tend to be somewhat different than those forwarded by more mature textile interests in the U.
and other countries--is less important than continued efforts to reach goals spelled out by INDA's ITAB.
Moreover, members of the ITAB and INDA's board of directors have volunteered to come to Washington, DC, as needed, to participate in this outreach program.