ITAGInformation Technology Advisory Group (Alexandria, VA)
ITAGInternational Trepanation Advocacy Group
ITAGIowa Talented and Gifted Association
ITAGInternational Technical Advisory Group (various organizations)
ITAGInformation Technology Architecture and Governance (Australia)
ITAGInternal Thoracic Artery Graft
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EN12832 and FD 21 CFR 11 compliant, the ITAG single use temperature logger is available with pre-programmed life periods of 24 hours, 72 hours, 7, 15, 30 or 60 days (logging intervals are between 10 seconds and 2 hours depending upon the life chosen).
An especially intriguing project launched through the iTAG process is designed to reduce "code blue" situations--those cardiac-arrest emergencies familiar to viewers of hospital "IV shows.
The company provides trademarked iTAg MHC tetramers Classes I and II, the iTAg MHC tetramer-CMV assay, the iTAg MHC Tetramer ICC kit, and the iTopia Epitope Discovery System.
like the iTAG TM, for which we share the patent, but also that it can attract a
While ITAG personnel served as members of the security management committee, the ITAG functioned with a greater degree of autonomy.
The show has even introduced listeners to some lesser-known, but innovative companies like Wellcore, iTag, VOCEL, and My911.
ITAG is a strategic technology consulting firm designed to help our clients improve their competitiveness and profitability through education and leveraging the use of technology.
SRL is now the exclusive provider of third-party testing services utilizing Beckman Coulter's iTAg MHC Tetramers in Japan .
The basis for Immunomics is a novel technology known as iTAg [TM] MHC Tetramers.
He is a member of GITA and on the ITAG Committee for GITA's National Conference.
LOS ANGELES -- Following up on last month's launch of its new mobile phone Lost and Found application and services for Android handsets, iTag today announced the launch of its FREE Tag Your Wheels service.
2007: EDR acquires iTAG PARCEL, a company best known for developing PARCEL, a web-based platform designed to help environmental consultants write, review, assemble, and deliver high quality Phase I environmental site assessments, property condition assessments, and other types of due diligence reports.