ITAMInstituto Tecnológico Autonomo de Mexico
ITAMInstituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
ITAMImmunoreceptor Tyrosine-based Activation Motif
ITAMIntegrated Training Area Management (Program)
ITAMInformation Technology Asset Management
ITAMIraq Training and Advisory Mission (US DoD)
ITAMInformation Technology and Administrative Management
ITAMInterdiction Tanker Analysis Model
ITAMInside Territory Account Manager (various companies)
ITAMInformation Technology Association of Montenegro
ITAMInternet Tax and Assessment Management (Canada)
ITAMInformation Technology Application Manager
ITAMInterdata Telecommunications Access Method (OS/32 software interface for ASYNC, BISYNC & SDLC drivers)
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Cortes is professor of law at ITAM in Mexico City, and a leader of ITAM's Center for Energy and Natural Resources.
The proposed solution must also offer full ITAM functionality.
Attendees will learn the importance of Software Asset Management in today's dynamic ITAM environment in this course, which is designed to be a core foundation builder to any ITAM programme.
As more organisations seek to improve their capabilities or outsource specialist services, we aim to carve out a deeper market presence as the number one choice for advisory, transition and on-going ITAM and SLM services.
Although the ITAM process is sometimes seen as a function of the IT organization, most other expensive assets are managed by purchasing or independently, as is the case with vehicle fleets.
MMTV Env encodes an ITAM responsible for transformation of mammary epithelial cells in three-dimensional culture.
ITAM used its offset disk tillers and scarified the landing zone surface, and Midwest followed the tillers with its applicator truck--applying roughly 18,000 gallons of Soil Sement to the surface of the soon-to-be landing zone.
One way to tackle these issues is to spend even more on software - on ITAM software, to be precise.
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2, independent ITAM expert Andy Hill of Trusted ITAM said, "Cloud license optimisation is a vital addition to Snow's software portfolio and allows businesses to get the best value from SaaS solutions.
From its headquarters in Tampa, Florida, AlphaPoint aims to be a leading provider of DCIM and ITAM solutions.
Services will include the collection and management of core geospatial, environmental, and land use data, which will be used to inform decisions in the four main focus areas of the ITAM program.