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ITANInformation Technology Association of Nigeria
ITANImpuesto Temporal a los Activos Netos (Spanish: Temporary Tax on Net Assets; Peru)
ITANIndependent Travel Agency Network (Bellevue, WA)
ITANInTheAirNet (aircraft technology supplier; Irvine, CA)
ITANIran Technology Analysts Network
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Dele Ajisomo, a member of the ITAN Board, said: 'The current contribution of information technology (IT) to national development is 5 per cent, but that it could move up to 29 per cent if there is adequate funding.
Itan, a computational biologist, said the computer program he developed to generate the connectome uses the same principles that GPS navigation devices use to plan a trip between two locations.
n the ave the kick-off ak in Access Coaching, a North Ty based sports coaching provid roll out a two-week footb Olympics camp at the Tyne M itan College, North Shields.
Knowledge of a person's itan iponri, their history and lineage identity, "gives one the power to kill a person by summoning his ancestral guardian soul, and some informants hold that one will die if he even talks about his iponri" (Drewal and Drewal 271 n.
We believe that eventually people will pay a little bit more money and will start buying products which do not pollute the environment," asserted Itan de Vries, CEO.
Karaki receives Itan During a meeting with Secretary General of the Jordanian Hashemite Charity Commission (JHCC) Mr Muhammad Majed Al-Itan, the President of the University of Jordan, Dr Khaled Al-Karaki, has assured the University's full support to JHCC which represents Jordan's humanitarian work and personifies HM King Abdullah II's vision in spreading values of goodness and solidarity on national, Arab, Islamic and international levels.
While the end point of Yoruba time may be absent, the itan, or traditional Yoruba tales, provide several versions of the way the world began, each of which involve divine intervention.
Osopale, Iwe Itan Ijebu Molusi Tabi Ijebu-Igbo [A History of Ijebu Molusi Otherwise Known as Ijebu-Igbo] (n.
Itan goodall's Photographing Greatness: The Story of Yousuf Karsh (Napoleon Publishing) will be published in 2007.
Some work (Jonscher 1999; Porat 1977) suggests that this is the case, while others find itan extraordinarily complex exercise (Webster 2002:12).
GR: I dhefteri fora itan otan, endeka xronia prin, kirieftika apo mja krisi revmatismon [O, PL].
The remaining 69 plan-counties with zero reported enrollment were assigned 10 enrollees because the HMO had enrollees in other counties in the metropol itan statistical area.