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ITANInformation Technology Association of Nigeria
ITANImpuesto Temporal a los Activos Netos (Spanish: Temporary Tax on Net Assets; Peru)
ITANIndependent Travel Agency Network (Bellevue, WA)
ITANInTheAirNet (aircraft technology supplier; Irvine, CA)
ITANIran Technology Analysts Network
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Itan, a computational biologist, said the computer program he developed to generate the connectome uses the same principles that GPS navigation devices use to plan a trip between two locations.
In 2009, geneticist Yuval Itan of University College London and his colleagues calculated that the gene initially spread through Central Europe about 7,500 years ago.
Su desencanto de lo que le intereso, itan lejos de mi concepto unitario, unificado, de la vida
Thus itan be derived that emotional skills are important for any form of social intercation.
Still, couldn't you see itan oddly yet weirdly intuitive sense of solidarity between two disproportionately affluent, politically savvy religious groups, neither of whom consider themselves Gentiles?
Oba to je, tiluu roju oba ni; We identify a king by the character of his reign; Bomo eeyan kan tun joba, tiluu Be it peace or anguish ko roju, oba naa ni Itan-an won ni i yapa; Only their respective 210 histories would differ; Gbogbo ara ti kaluku ba filu Whatever one makes of one's e da country Dandan ni pe ko wowe itan.
Que [CENSURADO] para los humanos mexicanos: iTan lejos de Dios y tan cerca de ellos
Last year, Metropol itan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson said he was willing to publish the document, but only after it had been checked by solicitors.
n the ave the kick-off ak in Access Coaching, a North Ty based sports coaching provid roll out a two-week footb Olympics camp at the Tyne M itan College, North Shields.