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ITAR-TASSInformation Telegraph Agency of Russia (TASS successor since 1992)
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Speakers at the conference provided by Rostelecom and ITAR-TASS will include Alexei Yeromin, Editor in Chief of TASS-Telecom, Chief Correspondent Kseniya Ivanova, Stanislav Borodin, Deputy General Director of Southern Telecoms, several top executives of Rostelecom itself, lead by Alexander Provotorov, Chairman of the Management Board, President, and member of the corporate governance and strategy committees.
The partners' attitude to Iran's plans are varied, ITAR-TASS reports.
Corbis' global reach will give our images exposure that is unparalleled," said Felix Shmaiger, director of ITAR-TASS Photo agency.
Sergei Mikhailov expressed his pleasure to be the first general director of ITAR-TASS to visit Viet Nam.
Known as the Monument to the Tsar Liberator, it is one of the top masterpieces of Italian sculptor Arnoldo Zocchi, and was unveiled in 1907, since when it has been a landmark in Sofia, ITAR-TASS reminds.
ITAR-TASS has reminded that a number of energy giants, including BP, have already pulled out of the project.
This is the path the Russian News Agency ITAR-TASS has witnessed and reported during 100 years of existence.
subsidiary of Russian news agency ITAR-TASS announced today the launching of two sister-companies -- International Travel Agency TASS-INTOUR and PR company TASS-PR.
The information was reported by the press center of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, cited by the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS, saying until Wednesday the ship had been anchored near the Somalian coast.
On September 20, 2004, Russian News Agency ITAR-TASS and the Department of Public Information of the UN will stage a photographic exhibition at the United Nations Headquarters to mark the 100th anniversary of the leading information agency of the Russian Federation and the upcoming 60th anniversary of the foundation of the United Nations.
ITAR-TASS quoted a ministry source saying the early detection radar system detected the firing of the two missiles from sea towards the eastern Mediterranean coastline.