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ITAR-TASSInformation Telegraph Agency of Russia (TASS successor since 1992)
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If Iran goes ahead with its intention, naturally, negative effects may ensue--in particular, in the Kazakh part of the Caspian since our off-shore areas are the shallowest, and our scientists believe that the level of water may fall considerably," Muslim Zhiyenbayev told ITAR-TASS.
ITAR-TASS content will be available for licensing on www.
ITAR-TASS Photo Agency is Russia's oldest agency specializing in photo news.
Sergei Mikhailov expressed his pleasure to be the first general director of ITAR-TASS to visit Viet Nam.
Recalling the operations of Soviet Union reporters in Viet Nam during the wartime, the ITAR-TASS official emphasised that mutual understanding and mutual trust serve as a good foundation for the two countries news agencies to strengthen their cooperation.
ITAR-TASS has reminded that a number of energy giants, including BP, have already pulled out of the project.
Relying on ITAR-TASS regional offices in London, Paris, Bonn, Rome, Tokyo and New York and major PR and Advertising companies, TASS-PR will also render assistance to entrepreneurs in FSU to conduct PR and advertising campaigns of the global scale.
According to ITAR-TASS, the volume of transit gas to Bulgaria would reach 23 B cubic meters by 2030, compared to the current 15.
ITAR-TASS further inform that the Ukrainian Foreign Minister had ordered constant contact with the UK ship operator "Zodiac" so that the Ukraine can monitor the situation closely.
ITAR-TASS added the defense minister presented a report on this incident to President Vladimir Putin, as Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces.