ITASIndigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (Australia)
ITASImproved Target Acquisition System (US Army)
ITASInside the Actor's Studio (TV program)
ITASIntegrated Time and Attendance System (US NIH)
ITASInformation Technology Applications Specialist
ITASIndicated True Air Speed
ITASIntegrated Tactics Assessment System
ITASInterim Theater ADP Service
ITASIntegrated Target Acquisition System
ITASIntegrated Training Administration System
ITASIt Takes All Sorts
ITASIntegrated Tactical Attack System
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Ultimately, because of our success with the ITAS in more than 200 engagements with the enemy, the entire task force was cross-trained on use of the ITAS.
The ITAS and our ability to employ it made us one of the most lethal platoons in TF ROCK.
In garrison, our ITAS is mounted on an M1121, a light-skinned high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV).
We're very proud of the work done by the ITAS CLS team with the Army," said Glynn Raymer, vice president of Combat Systems at Network Centric Systems.
The ITAS CLS program is managed out of Raytheon's McKinney, Texas, facility with field service representatives located around the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan.
ITAS is an advanced Electro-Optic Target Acquisition Fire Control System.
The battery power source gives TOW ITAS a ten-hour dismount capability, a power conditioner for on-vehicle power, and an AC/DC battery charger.
After the long-range advanced scout surveillance system (LRAS3), the TOW ITAS is the best RSTA device in the U.
ITAS is fielded in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom where it has demonstrated its value in all phases of the conflict and subsequent peace-keeping efforts.
Raytheon Network Centric Systems Vice President of Combat Systems Glynn Raymer said, "This additional order further emphasizes the confidence our soldiers and Marines have using ITAS in new, innovative ways.
Glynn Raymer, vice president of Raytheon Combat Systems, said, "Early on, soldiers used ITAS in its traditional role, but they soon discovered innovative uses for the system.
Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Army's Modularity Initiative drove the decision to reinstate ITAS as an Infantry Brigade Combat Team component.