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ITBSIowa Test of Basic Skills
ITBSIliotibial Band Syndrome
ITBSImaging Technologies in Biomedical Sciences (conference)
ITBSIllinois Test of Basic Skills
ITBSIndustrial Technologies Business Solutions
ITBSInternational Trade in Banking Services (India)
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Using the ITBS Computation Test Score as an example with ITBS_C1 as the pretest score and ITBS_C2 as the posttest score, the Level 1 model was:
La percepcion de barreras a la toma de medicacion inmunosupresora en pacientes con trasplante renal, medidas con la escala ITBS (escala de 12-60), fue respondida por 176 pacientes con una puntuacion media de 22,7([+ o -] 7,7).
66 and strong convergent correlations with the ITBS Reading Comprehension scale and the CogAT Verbal scale (i.
Dependent variables for the sixth-grade data were ITBS NCE reading, language, math, and core total scores.
The rationale for selecting the composite portion of the ITBS for this study was that a collection of tests in several subject areas, all of which have been standardized, makes it possible to issue research-based statements about a student's relative position on a standard scale.
The word analysis and reading comprehension scores were disaggregated to identify the success of different groups of students according to the subgroups identified by the ITBS.
In order to avoid dismissal of the teaching and administration staff, 25 percent of the student population must perform at grade level on the ITBS.
The site specializes in the preparation for major multistate assessment exams, including SAT-9, ITBS and CTBS/Terra Nova.
Education (PURE) is suing the Chicago public schools, contending that using the standardized test scores on the ITBS as the sole determinant of student promotion and retention discriminates against minority students.
Unless Eastin's choice is the ITBS, the district will be obligated to purchase and implement the new designated exam.