ITCDInformation Technology and Communication Design (education)
ITCDInstitute for Trade and Commercial Diplomacy
ITCDInformation Technology and Communications Directorate (US NASA)
ITCDInvitation to Continue in Dialogue (OJEU tendering process)
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With assistance from its academic and industry partners, ITCD designed a benchmark study testing Open-Source Cloud Computing Solutions, which resulted in standing up a Eucalyptus Cloud in Goddard's containerized environment for Geoscience applications in April 2012.
AGL Networks LLC, (AGLN) today announced that ITC^DeltaCom (OTC BB: ITCD.
Additionally, ITC-DeltaCom announced that the Company's new common stock will be listed on the NASDAQ National Market under the symbol ITCD, and is expected to be open for trading beginning today, Wednesday, October 30.