ITCFIntegration, Test, and Control Facility
ITCFInverse Term Collection Frequency
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people and the international community", the ITCF focuses on the
The 2012 ITCF showcased more than 80 companies and welcomed nearly 8,000 visitors.
One microliter of purified DNA extract from each of the 52 ITCF samples was used as the template in 50-[micro]L degenerate PCR amplifications targeting portions of the E1A, hexon, and fiber genes.
Limiting dilutions of ITCF sample 7151 were plated on A549 cells and allowed to adsorb for 16 hours, after which agarose overlays (0.
PCR amplification of fiber gene sequences using species B- and E-specific primers was performed on serial dilutions of vaccinated sample 7274 before and after passage of the original ITCF through 2 additional cycles of growth in A549 cells.
Association Franjaise de Zootechnie, Ajinomoto Eurolysine, Aventis Animal Nutrition, INRA, ITCF, Paris, France.