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ITCHInstituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua (Mexico)
ITCHInformation Technology and Communications in Health (conference)
ITCHInformation Technology Can Help (UK)
ITCHInstitute Time Clauses Hulls (international law)
ITCHInstitute for Total Carpet Hygiene (carpet cleaning advice; Henley In Arden, England, UK)
ITCHIvatan Traditions, Culture and History (Philippines)
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Well, then, if it don't itch and can't itch, what in the nation is it scratching it for?
Wit, lad, is a catching thing, like the itch or the sweating sickness.
All on board suffered from perforating ulcers and from the maddening itch of ngari-ngari.
Dark eyes, long eyelashes, ripe and ruddy lips that to look at is to long to kiss, beautiful clustering hair that one's fingers itch to play with, such a waist as might make a man clasp the air involuntarily, thinking of twining his arm about it, little feet that tread so lightly they hardly seem to walk upon the ground--to marry all this, sir, this--hey, hey
If we have had the seven-years' itch, we have not seen the seventeen-year locust yet in Concord.
The opinion may smack of vanity, though, in reality, the very springs of conversation reside in that same human, universal itch to thrill the auditor.
We've ben boobs all these years, Bert, runnin' the chances of barber's itch an' everything.
However, it was her advice that I should not venture again, and I took her counsel, for I never went there any more; for I knew as well as she, if the itch of play came in, I might soon lose that, and all the rest of what I had got.
This is a major problem," says Gil Yosipovitch, a clinician at the Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia and director of Temple Itch Center.
Another kind of itch happens because of insect bites, allergies, or anything else that makes your skin release itch-triggering chemicals such as histamine (HIST-uh-meen).
Additionally, psoriasis patients suffering from itch experience sweating, feel a sensation of heat or pain in the affected area and have difficulty falling asleep or are often awakened as a result of itching.
The itch eczema patients experience can be maddening.