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itdI Tak Dalej (Polish: And So On)
ITDI Tako Dalje (Serbian/Croatian: And So On)
ITDInstituto Tecnológico de Durango (Spanish: Technological Institute of Durango; Durango, Mexico)
ITDInternational Institute for Trade and Development (Thailand)
ITDInstitute for Training and Development (various locations)
ITDIon Trap Detector
ITDIn Too Deep
ITDInfectious and Tropical Diseases
ITDIgnore Target Defense (Diablo II gaming)
ITDIncremental Theory of Diffraction
ITDInput Transition Detection
ITDInspection Test Date
ITDIn Thy Dreams (band)
ITDInterim Terrain Database
ITDInnovative Technologies by Design, Inc. (food safety management)
ITDInterface Telecom Domotique
ITDIncome Tax Tribunal Decisions (India)
ITDIntegrated Tactical Display
ITDInstruction To Defense
ITDImplementation Test Dependency
ITDIntegrated To-Date
ITDIntegration Test & Demonstration
ITDInterim Technical Directive
ITDInterim Terrain Data
ITDInception To Date
ITDInformation Technology and Disabilities (Journal)
ITDInformation Technology Division (at NRL)
ITDInformation Technology Division (MMDS)
ITDInformation Transfer Delay
ITDInnovative Technology of Design
ITDInstitute for Technology Development
ITDIstituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche (Italy, CNR)
ITDInstitute for Tropical Diseases (Singapore)
ITDInternational Trade Department
ITDInitial Transfer Date (taxes)
ITDInternational Trade Division
ITDInternational Translation Day (International Federation of Translators)
ITDIntegrated Technology Development
ITDInteraural Time Difference
ITDIncome Tax Department (various locations)
ITDInternational Tax Dialogue
ITDInternational Travel Documents (passport agency)
ITDInternational Trade Data System (US Treasury department)
ITDIndividual Training Directorate (Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff - Training; TRADOC, US Army)
ITDIdaho Transportation Department
ITDIndustrial Technology Division (EPA)
ITDIndustrial Technology Development (World Bank)
ITDInformation Technology Director
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Conclusion: The present study showed the reliability of an ITD ENV-based localization training in elderly individuals with speech-in-noise perception disorder.
This 10-day blended learning program brings together the best in the world learning solutions from ITD Group in collaboration with ITD's Mega Gurus and author of the best-selling training book Bottomline Training Donald Ford.
Steve Noble, taking the editorial reigns in ITD Journal's 10th anniversary issue in 2004, looked back to look ahead: "I humorously note that in early 1994 there were only a total of 3,000 websites around the world.
This facilitates the use of ITD to improve the accuracy of locating the sound source.
Dewa's ITD has received a series of accolades, including winning first place in e-Services for the third year in row from Dubai e-Government, the Governments Application Award 2011 from the Government Digital Media Forum, the e-Services Excellence Award in the 16th GCC Middle East e-Government and e-Services excellence Award in 2011 and IT Department of the Year 2010 in the Middle East at the Arab ACN Technology Awards.
Cox regression analysis showed ITD to wild-type ratio was the strongest independent prognostic factor.
Small, short-term clinical studies suggested that use of an ITD increased systolic blood pressure during CPR and improved short-term survival.
Those who hold valid ITD can be given entry to the member country or transit through the country by using ITD along with his national passport in case the member-country invited him for some official assignments related with the Interpol.
According to him, the ITD can be issued for the law enforcement staffs approved by central national bureaus in member countries, INTERPOL executive committee members, members of other supervisory bodies, concerned experts and staffs of general secretariat of the INTERPOL.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-27 July 2010-ICRA sets LBBB+ rating to ITD Cementation India enhanced bank facilities(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.