ITDAInternational Theatre Design Archive
ITDAInternational Technical Diving Agency (est. 1999)
ITDAInternational Technical Diving Association (Spain)
ITDAIndependent Truckers and Drivers Association
ITDAIntegrated Tactical Decision Aid
ITDAIllinois Technology Development Alliance (Chicago, IL)
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ITDA has worked with International Business Wales, the overseas trade and investment arm of the Welsh Assembly Government, to develop many of its overseas trade opportunities.
Continuing its relationship with IBW, ITDA also intends to create similar trade links with Indonesia.
ITDA has been supported by the international trade development arm of the Welsh Assembly Government - International Business Wales (IBW) - to consolidate overseas trade opportunities.
Backed by energy giant, Petronas, Malaysia's state owned oil and gas company, ITDA has set up a pounds 25m training facility in Malaysia to train indigenous divers to international standards.
In other context, the minister confirmed that there are many offers from Arab investors from UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and many other countries and international companies to participate in the "Trade and Shopping City" project taking place near Suez Canal preformed by ITDA.
This reception offers an opportunity to learn about how ITDA is changing the technology venture game by providing entrepreneurs with critical information, resources, and connections to help them become better, faster, smarter technology entrepreneurs throughout each stage of a company's growth, and making businesses venture-ready in record time.
I'm confident that the wisdom and experience of this board will result in a successful search and continued outstanding leadership for the ITDA," said ITDA director Mike Flavin, President and CEO of Advanced Life Sciences.
Bill is a director of ITDA client company Akoya, which is a company spun-out by Caterpillar in 2004 to commercialize a feature-based cost analytics tool.
Specifically, ITDA provides access to capital, business development assistance, and access to federal technology development financing to high growth technology companies.
ITDA identified board members who actively support ITDA's mission and have a strong interest in promoting the growth of new technology companies in Illinois.
ITDA will help these companies access seed and venture capital, recruit management talent, develop business plans and provide other services essential for success.
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