ITDMInsulin-Treated Diabetes Mellitus
ITDMIntelligent Time-Division Multiplexer
ITDMIntegrated Technology and Device Manufacturer
ITDMInformation Technology Decision Maker
ITDMInstant Ticket Dispensing Machine
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But their approaching ITDM is not outside the rules," he said.
Upon successful completion of negotiations with the Illinois Department of Revenue, GTECH will provide the Lottery with up to 2,000 Expandable Dispensing System (EDS-Q) ITDMs.
The ITDMs in Illinois will assist the Lottery in providing secure, automated distribution of instant lottery tickets to players and generate revenue that goes directly to public education in Illinois," continued Mr.
When it comes to embracing BYOD, China emerged as the leader among the countries surveyed, with 56 percent of ITDMs there stating their company embraces BYOD and provides productivity apps for one or more mobile platforms.
In fact, an average of 70 percent of the ITDMs in all six countries surveyed agree that companies that fail to implement M2M technologies will fall behind their competitors.
ITDMs from all countries except China were most likely to see a lack of expertise needed to manage the adoption and security of M2M as presenting the biggest impediment to adoption: India (66 percent), Brazil (62 percent), US (57 percent), Germany (56 percent) and UK (50 percent).