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ITEKInstitute of Teacher Education Kyambogo (Uganda)
ITEKIncubator for Technological Entrepreneurship Kiryat (Israel)
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Once home to scientists who helped put America in space, the former ITEK headquarters in Lexington, Mass.
General Dynamics, Lockheed, ITEK, Kodak, and Autometrics) worked extremely closely with the CIA and Air Force on CORONA.
Ceridia Pty Ltd is supported by ITEK, the intellectual property commercialisation arm of UniSA and has entered into collaborations with Pharma and Biotech using its innovative reformulation technology to improve existing and novel drugs.
ITEK, Danish industry's trade union for IT and Telecommunications still believe in outsourcing to Ukraine as long as it is possible to hire new and skilled workers in the country.
Reusch worked as a project engineer in optical engineering for ITEK Systems, Lexington.
Cohda Wireless had previously been funded by research grants and seed capital from the SciVentures Pre-Seed Fund, the Epicorp Seed Fund and the University of South Australia's commercialisation arm, ITEK.
For many years before his retirement, William worked as a Project Engineer in Optical Engineering for ITEK Systems, Lexington.