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ITGIn the Groove
ITGInternet Tough Guy
ITGInitial Terminal Guidance
ITGIndependent Test Group
ITGIT-Gymnasiet (Swedish: IT Senior High School; AcadeMedia)
ITGIrish Traction Group (train preservation organization; est. 1989)
ITGIncome Tax Group
ITGInternational Technical Group (control branding)
ITGInterim Transition Guidance
ITGIndividual Training Guidance (US Army)
ITGInternal Telecommunications Group
ITGIntegrated Technology Group, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)
ITGInnovative Therapeutics Group
ITGInterconnector Turkey-Greece Project
ITGInternational Trumpet Guild
ITGInstallation Training Guide
ITGInstituut Voor Tropische Geneeskunde (Dutch: Institute of Tropical Medicine; Antwerp, Belgium)
ITGInternet Telephony Gateway
ITGInstituto Tecnologico de Galicia (Spanish: Technical Institute of Galicia)
ITGInternational Takhi Group (Mongolian Wild Horse Conservation)
ITGIndian Tribal Government
ITGInsight Technology Group (Berkeley, CA)
ITGIraqi Transitional Government
ITGInvestment Technology Group
ITGInfinity Transportation Group
ITGIt Takes Guts
ITGInformation Technology Group
ITGInfrastructure Technology Group
ITGInformation Technology Governance
ITGInfinite Technology Group Ltd. (Mineola, NY)
ITGInternet Technology Group
ITGInstitute of Theoretical Geophysics
ITGInside the Game
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ITG was founded in 1984 to develop and provide IT systems and services for United States government agencies.
5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ITG (NYSE:ITG), a leading independent execution and research broker, today announced the hiring of three veteran sector specialists and two high-touch portfolio traders as part of a build-out of its full-service agency trading desk.
ITG TCA for FX was chosen based on recommendations from buyside traders, who commended the platform for its broad database, which leverages transaction information from 10 different providers across the FX industry.
Many of our clients do not want to miss out on dark pool liquidity when using algorithms," said Tony Huck, Managing Director at ITG.
The algorithm dynamically adjusts its strategy in real time as the market environment changes and is able to prudently manage risk while trading opportunistically," said Jeff Bacidore, ITG Managing Director and Head of Algorithmic Trading.
The litigation claims that Channel ITG([R]), a tool that allows users to sweep orders from their Order Management System (OMS) to POSIT([R]) crossing venues, ITG Algorithms[TM] and ITG Trading Desk Services, infringes on the Liquidnet patent that relates to indications-based trading systems.
The new ITG Investment Research department store coverage offers proprietary views on Kohl's (NYSE: KSS), J.
Going forward, material information about ITG may also be announced by posts on the following corporate social media channel:
ITG Algorithms Prism is an exciting, modern way for traders to see how ITG adds value in real time.
Since ITG was founded, the firm has continually innovated to stay ahead of changing market conditions," said Ray Killian, ITG's Chairman, CEO and President.
The Army expects to benefit from the partnership with ITG by saving money, promoting enterprise solutions, enhancing interoperability and improving security.
ITG has two direct market access products, Triton and Radical.