ITGCInformation Technology Governance Council
ITGCInformation Technology Association of the Gulf Coast (Pensacola, FL)
ITGCInformation Technology General Controls
ITGCInternational Trails and Greenways Conference
ITGCIntestinal-Type Goblet Cells
ITGCInternational Thunderbird Gaming Corporation (Canada)
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However, we have seen cases diagnosed as Barrett metaplasia based solely on cells that pose morphologic similarity to ITGCs on hematoxylin-eosin staining or stain positive with Alcian blue.
Initial biopsies from 78 patients with original diagnosis of Barrett metaplasia negative for dysplasia and a mean follow-up of 72 months were reviewed and reclassified into 3 categories: (1) ITGCs, (2) goblet cell mimickers, or (3) neither.
Goblet cell mimickers were present in 35 cases and were associated with ITGCs in the same biopsy in 23 (66%) of these cases.
When it opened in June 2003 to further process turkey, ham and beef products, ITGC leaders thought the Mount Pleasant facility would meet the co-op's needs for about three years.
ITGC operates two other processing plants, West Liberty Foods and Sigourney Foods, which ship fully cooked, ready-to-eat meat products to Mount Pleasant for slicing.
Finished product will move from the Mount Pleasant plant by conveyor belt directly to the Millard facility next door for storage and distribution, says Ed Garrett, ITGC senior vice president and chief operating officer.
Although some excellent IT control and audit frameworks have emerged from various countries, until now there was no common methodology for clearly identifying ITGC that significantly impact financial reporting.
Of more than 500 respondents, primarily IT and internal audit management, less than three percent said their organizations and their external auditors are "extremely efficient" in their scoping of ITGC for annual assessments.
Each organization will need to determine what is in or out of scope for its own ITGC.
The ITGC report indicates yield increases of 245%, 424% and 511% on chick peas, 129% for Carioca Durum Wheat, 23% for Vitron Durum Wheat, 32% for Barley, 79% for Oats and a 63% increase for Tricale when compared to the untreated control crops.
The Company's CEO, Robert McCaslin, commented in response to the ITGC report, "The test results in Algeria provide additional evidence that ProTerra Plant & Soil ResQ(TM) is an effective way to increase agricultural production, improve the soil conditions and improve the health of a variety of crops.
realisees par les stations ITGC de Saida, Sidi Bel Abbes, Tiaret, Beni Slimane, Oued Smar, Khemis Miliana, Setif et Khroub, au cours de la periode 1980/81 a 1996/97.