ITIDInformation Technologies and International Development (open access journal)
ITIDIndian Trail Improvement District (West Palm Beach, FL)
iTIDIntelligent Text Input and Display (software)
ITIDInformation Technology Industry Development (various locations)
ITIDInformation Technology Infrastructure Division (Army Software Engineering Center)
ITIDInformation Technology Integration Directorate (Network Enterprise Technology Command; US Army)
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A significant negative relation between profitability and ACP and ITID exist.
Finally, we remind readers that the International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development, from which selected papers are regularly published in ITID, will be held June 3-6, 2016, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
Bill got your associate editor gig at ITID, and ICTDEVers in Cape Town is still going strong.
We would like to thank Renata Lebre La Rovere, Arlene Luck, the reviewers, and the ITID journal editors and editorial team for their insights and contributions to the development of this Special Issue.
Meanwhile, at ITID, we are planning a memorial issue in Gary's honor in about a year's time.
In this latest issue of ITID, we bring you three research articles and a review of William Easterly's latest book, The Tyranny of Experts.
Doerfinger and Dearden's paper was also interesting for us at ITID because it went through two revisions--major overhauls, actually--before arriving at the final version that appears in this issue.
Ethics in an Interventionist ICTD" and Dodson, Sterling, and Bennett's "Considering Failure: Eight Years of ITID Research.
The ICTD 2006 conference was covered by means of the publication of the best articles in ITID.
While the ITID papers we reviewed cover a limited number of projects, they represent activities ranging from the introduction of nationwide information systems to small-scale local interventions, to observational studies of ICT.
As ITID enters its ninth volume, we welcome two new Associate Editors to our Editorial Board, Mireia Fernandez-Ardevol and Joyojeet Pal.