ITIFInformation Technology & Innovation Foundation
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ITIF praised the order's call for modernization, noting that "while there are many reasons to pursue IT modernization, the administration is likely to have the most success getting this done as a cybersecurity mandate rather than as a push for efficiency.
In a new ITIF report, "Investing in 'Innovation Infrastructure' to Restore U.
Exactly what does the ITIF propose as a way to implement "containment" and "rollback"?
This is unfortunate, especially in light of the clear links between individual talent, innovation, and immigration demonstrated by the ITIF study.
Another study by the ITIF found that several Latin American countries have among the world's highest total effective tax burden on individuals from ICT taxes and tariffs.
The Luddite Awards, named after the Englishman Ned Ludd, who led a movement to destroy mechanized looms in the early 19th century, are given by the ITIF to those it perceives as worst offenders of the year when it comes to foiling technological progress.
Robert Atkinson, president of the ITIF, told The Register-Guard that a high score on his group's index does not correlate with fast economic growth.
The ITIF estimates that the doubts raised by the NSA spying could cost U.
Like the authors of Engage to Excel, the February 2012 report from the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), ITIF identifies expanded opportunities for undergraduate research, particularly in the early undergraduate years, as a high priority for any economic innovation agenda.
In a review of currently certified systems for the ITIF Accessible Voting Technology Initiative, the University of Washington Center for Technology and Disability Studies (Cook & Harniss, 2012) found a wide range of approaches to meeting the VVSG requirements for accessibility.
A report from ITIF, Georgia Tech and Operation BRAVO believes devices such as the popular iPad could be the key to making voting easier.