ITIOIn The Interest Of
ITIOInternational Tax and Investment Organisation
ITIOIntegración de las Tecnologías de la Información en las Organizaciones
ITIOInformation Technology Infrastructure Operations
ITIOInternational Trade and Investment Office
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CONTACT: Malcolm Couch, Deputy Chair of ITIO, +44 (1624) 685355, or fax, +44 (1624) 685351, malcolm.
She noted that many ITIO members actively participated in the OECD's review of legal and administrative frameworks providing for transparency and exchange of tax information in more than 80 countries.
We look forward to the next step in the ongoing process of creating a level playing field which will involve reviewing what is done in practice and therefore what impediments exist to the exchange of tax information between all countries," says Malcolm Couch, representing the Isle of Man, and currently ITIO Deputy Chair.
The ITIO wishes to recognise the hard work and commitment of those countries and organisations that have been involved in progressing the level playing field project, and in particular the Commonwealth, which has worked tirelessly to promote fairness.
Many ITIO members and non-members have worked diligently to put in place the necessary legal and administrative frameworks to support agreements which include provisions for the effective exchange of tax information," says Shawna Brisbane representing St.
ITIO members have been involved in the OECD's Global Forum on Taxation since 2001 and have invested significantly in international cooperation as part of the organisation's collective commitment to assist in creating a fair and equitable global regulatory framework.