ITJInformation Technology Journal (Asian Network for Scientific Information)
ITJInternational Transport Journal (trade publication; Swiss Professional Media AG)
ITJInternational Telecommunications (Japan)
ITJImproved Triple Junction (solar cell)
ITJIndependent Truckers Journal
ITJInformation Technology Junction Limited
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Best exemplified by ITJ 734 and PT 1285, these texts are written liturgies meant to be performed by the healer and differing depending on the source of the malady and the nature of the patient (e.
Further clues concerning the class of rites to which the "catalogues" pertain may be gathered from a somewhat more elaborated "catalogue" in the Old Tibetan ritual text ITJ 734 that forms part of the same tradition.
Typologically then the "catalogues" in ITJ 734, which appear to be closely related to those in PT 1285, are "ransom" (glud) rites in which an effigy is cast away.
Alfred Mockett, Managing Director, BT Global Communications, said: "We are very excited about offering global corporate voice to our customers in Japan in partnership with ITJ.
J Takahashi, ITJ Executive Vice President, said: "Large corporate users in Japan are diversifying.
BT will also conduct joint sales and marketing activities with ITJ in Japan and with ITJ worldwide for Japanese customers.
BEAT ITJ Case holds a human heart MUSCLE MAN Z Display at the Ambassador Theatre in Dublin as part of The Human Body exhibition FRAGILE J Tiny foetus on display HEADS-UP J Skull on show
The turn-key contract with ITJ includes delivery and installation of an AXE international gateway switch, to be installed in Tokyo.
BEAT ITJ Young Donal drums up support BUZZJ Crowdsin Commercial Court in Belfast city centre WORD OF JMOUTH Freak show in Belfast last night
MCI International 64 Service is currently available to: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan (IDC, ITJ, KDD), Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.
ITJ, one of only three communications carriers licensed by the Japanese government to offer international telecommunications services in Japan via satellite, will receive the signals through an ITJ antenna installed at Fuji's broadcast site.
Los Angeles, and ITJ to support full-time distribution of BBC programming to Satellite News Corp.