ITLOSInternational Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (Hamburg, Germany; also seen as ITLS)
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Third, as an alternative to a special agreement leading to a contentious case, an advisory opinion might be sought from the ITLOS pursuant to an international agreement "related to the purposes of the Convention" to which a coastal state is a party.
For a discussion on why a state might choose the ITLOS over the ICJ to adjudicate a Law of the Sea dispute, see Alan Boyle, Dispute Settlement and the Law of the Sea Convention.
Tullow's advice from external counsel is that Ghana has a strong case under international law that the current boundary location, which follows an equidistance line, will be upheld by ITLOS in accordance with the Law of the Sea Convention to which both states are party.
The PCA, the ICJ, and ITLOS are charged with a growing number of cases that have been resolved in a highly competent manner in a highly consistent way.
The ITLOS, in particular, has established its ability to render quick and thoroughly reasoned decisions.
We are very pleased with the expertise, fairness and efficiency of ITLOS and its judges," said Bangladesh's Foreign Minister.
The ITLOS nominated Rudiger Wolfrum of Germany, Tullio Treves of Italy and Ivan A.
Vincent sought relief at the ITLOS, Guinea pleaded necessity, justifying its need to extend its customs laws into its EEZ to prevent the Saiga from "offshore bunkering" (refueling operations conducted from a ship off shore), which it perceived as a threat to its vital interests.
While ITLOS may hear any international dispute over a contract or the terms and obligations of UNCLOS (including fifty-nine of its three hundred and twenty provisions specifically dedicated to environmental protection), (20) the tribunal's jurisdiction is mostly limited to disputes between states.