ITLOSInternational Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (Hamburg, Germany; also seen as ITLS)
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135) As China did not participate in the proceedings, the remaining four appointments were left to the President of ITLOS, (136) who at the time was Judge Shunji Yanai (Japan).
In only two of the six environmental cases did the ITLOS / Arbitral Tribunal reach a ruling.
jurisdiction of ITLOS, it can be seen as a reflection of Article 288
It reminded China that the "responsibility for resolving the stand off in the South China Sea rests not just with one party but both parties" and challenged it to join the Philippines in seeking mediation by the ITLOS (Asia News Monitor 2012, 1).
The PCA, the ICJ, and ITLOS are charged with a growing number of cases that have been resolved in a highly competent manner in a highly consistent way.
The ITLOS tribunal process could yet prove a major international embarrassment for China, but the hearings now look set to continue well into 2014.
Rudiger Wolfrum, Fighting Terrorism at Sea: Options and Limitations Under International Law, ITLOS 4, http://www.
Let's meet up at the ITLOS (International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea) to end this problem, instead of the battlefield.
The UNCLOS allows international judiciaries such as the ICJ and the ITLOS to resolve states parties' disputes.
If, having joined LOST, the United States were to board and seize a ship on the high seas under the belief that it was being used to stage a terrorist attack against American interests, the state under whose flag the ship was sailing could appeal to ITLOS.
Further, in that it was created to adjudicate maritime issues, ITLOS is worth investigating as a possible venue.