ITMCInformation Technology Management Council
ITMCInvestment Trust Management Company
ITMCInternational Transmission Maintenance Center (AT&T)
ITMCInternational Training and Management Company (Canada)
ITMCInternet Traffic Management Center
ITMCInternational Testing & Maintenance Centre (telecoms)
ITMCInternational Training Medical Center
ITMCInfraspeed Technical Monitoring Center
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The ITMC is chaired by the Vice Chief of Naval Operations and the Department of the Navy Deputy Chief Information Officer (Navy .
We feel that the ITMC is working, and it serves as a single senior Navy IT decision forum necessary to help us achieve the NNE, the Naval Networking Environment.
In a demonstration, Kazuhiko Sugie, ITMC vice president in charge of Lezanova, spotted treated and untreated leather with everything from soy sauce and ink to candle wax, red wine and salad dressing.
Traditional Help Desk services are just one aspect of the ITMC.
The ITMC responds to end-user requests for support, and also provides support for various business-unit help desks, technology-based help desks and application help desks, resulting in a "help desk for help desks," ultimately responsible for the entire IT enterprise.
The Boole & Babbage COMMAND/POST service level management solution assists the ITMC by acting as the single point of control for filtering and correlating the alarms received from all of the elements within the IT infrastructure -- including networks, servers, applications, management domains, etc.
Ssang Yong Templeton ITMC has been providing strong local support for the launching of Korea's restructuring fund initiative.
Tae Hyun Son, Team Head, Operations and Risk Management of PCA Investment Trust Management Company in Korea, ("PCA ITMC"), said: "PCA ITMC has been working with The Bank of New York Mellon to set up QFII related workflow.
We applaud Kookmin Bank and PCA ITMC and Prudential Asset Management following the successful launch of their first locally domiciled investment trust fund targeting the China A-share market.
com as well as a marketing effort through ITMC Marketing Corp.
Dick Govatski, chief executive officer of New Mexico Software, said, "The team at ITMC is targeting our reseller channels.
For more information on ITMC, contact Jeff Ross, 512-241-8611, jross@itmarketingcorp.