ITMGIn Touch Media Group (online marketing firm)
ITMGInformation Technology Management Group
ITMGIntegrated Thermal Micrometeroroid Garment (NASA)
ITMGInformation Technology Management and Governance (software)
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EVINS and ITMG have a common strategic approach to marketing communications and public relations: to optimize brand/product awareness and visibility, to utilize such awareness and visibility to foster brand/product mindshare, and to translate brand/product mindshare into market share.
Our partnership with ITMG will enable us to offer our clients supplementary guerilla marketing communications and public relations expertise that can play an instrumental role in breaking through the competitive brand and product clutter in the marketplace, in facilitating buzz marketing and in engendering consumer affinity.
Over the years, they have represented many preeminent iconic and established brands in the consumer marketplace," said Janet Mick, President of ITMG.
Mick, "Both ITMG and EVINS are known for providing clients with business, marketing and communications solutions that result in increased sales, profits and market share.
ITMG, based in Norcross, Georgia, seeks a ruling from the court that HUD's termination of the contracts was done for its convenience and not because of any default by the company and its many small business contractors and suppliers who have been denied payment for services rendered.
HUD's improper terminations of the contracts not only deprived ITMG and its subcontractors of just compensation for work performed and costs incurred but also forced ITMG into bankruptcy," Trustee Crumley said.
The complaint sets forth that on February 1, 1999, HUD awarded ITMG six contracts commencing March 29, 1999 to manage and market HUD's foreclosure houses in 22 states as part of its first large-scale outsourcing of management and marketing.
For this massive undertaking, ITMG hired more than 500 employees, set up 25 offices around the country and used more than 1,500 small businesses and other suppliers that performed services and provided supplies for the effort in behalf of HUD," Crumley said.
He said: 'It won't be the ITMG that select the captain but I, as the chairman of that committee, join Duncan Fletcher, Geoff Miller and David Graveney to decide on the next captain.
Amiss foresees no complications with his new post, however, and argues instead that the Warwickshire will only benefit by having a presence on the ITMG.
But the job with the ITMG includes one meeting per month, two per month at the most, and the group members have even said they are willing to travel to Birmingham some of the time to have meetings here.
Amiss's appointment as ITMG chairman, for two years initially, adds another dimension to his cricket career which has continued to evolve successfully long after he finally retired from playing, after banking a record 35,146 first-class runs for the Bears, in 1987.