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ITNIndependent Television News (UK)
ITNIn the News
ITNI Think Not
ITNInsecticide-Treated Net(s)
ITNInvitation to Negotiate
ITNInternational Tennis Number
ITNImmune Tolerance Network
ITNIndependent Transportation Network
ITNIdentification Tasking and Networking
ITNInside the Navy (publication)
ITNInternal Transaction Number
ITNIndependent Telephone Network
ITNInternational Transit Network
ITNInteractive Television Network
ITNIndividual Tax Number (Canada)
ITNIndividual Telephone Number (porting)
ITNIndiana Telecommunications Network
ITNIndependent Telecommunication Network
ITNIranian Television Network
ITNInter Trauma Nexus (South Africa)
ITNInformation Transfer Node
ITNIndustrial Terrorism Network
ITNImage Transmission Network
ITNInstituto Transnacional (Spanish: Transnational Institute; Netherlands)
ITNInventory Tracking Number
ITNIdentification Tasking & Networking
ITNInternational Translation Network (Beirut, Lebanon)
ITNIntegration Testing Network (Sprint)
ITNInstallation Transport Network
ITNInferior Tragal Notch (brain anatomy)
ITNInformation Technology Networking (various locations)
ITNIntrathecally Injected Narcotics
ITNIdentification of Training Needs (various locations)
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The ITN reporters issued a statement after the jury's unanimous verdict saying: "What we have seen is a sordid attempt to rewrite history.
Education News from ITN Productions provides unrivalled insight and thought leadership in education at all levels from Primary School to MBAs.
To see the full interview and more exclusive content from the sector's leading schools and organisations please visit the ITN Education News channel: http://www.
Reading a message sent to his pager, he told ITN chief Stuart Purvis: "It's for you.
CILT President Steve Agg explains the motivation behind CILT's partnership with ITN.
Education news from ITN Productions, presented by Natasha Kaplinsky, includes reports about
TheHealthcare News channel from ITN and the Royal Pharmaceutical Societyis a fabulous new communication tool that will become more and more valuable to pharmacy professionals.
But in a letter to Labour's chief media spokesman David Hill, Sir George said: "Setting exactly the right tone in such situations is something ITN may wish to consider further for the future.
ITN is committed to helping foodservice companies of all sizes and segments become more competitive in the face of the challenging economic environment," said Rob Bonavito, chief executive officer at ITN.
To see the full interview with Barry Cockcroft and more exclusive content from the industry's leading organisations, including highlights from the 2013 Dentistry Show, please visit the ITN Healthcare News channel: http://www.
As well as ITN's award-winning coverage, ITN Source also represents the footage libraries of Reuters, ITV, Fox Movietone and other specialist collections.