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ITNIndependent Television News (UK)
ITNIn the News
ITNI Think Not
ITNInsecticide-Treated Net(s)
ITNInvitation to Negotiate
ITNInternational Tennis Number
ITNImmune Tolerance Network
ITNIndependent Transportation Network
ITNIdentification Tasking and Networking
ITNInside the Navy (publication)
ITNInternal Transaction Number
ITNIndependent Telephone Network
ITNInternational Transit Network
ITNInteractive Television Network
ITNIndividual Tax Number (Canada)
ITNIndividual Telephone Number (porting)
ITNIndiana Telecommunications Network
ITNIndependent Telecommunication Network
ITNIranian Television Network
ITNInter Trauma Nexus (South Africa)
ITNInformation Transfer Node
ITNIndustrial Terrorism Network
ITNImage Transmission Network
ITNInstituto Transnacional (Spanish: Transnational Institute; Netherlands)
ITNInventory Tracking Number
ITNIdentification Tasking & Networking
ITNInternational Translation Network (Beirut, Lebanon)
ITNIntegration Testing Network (Sprint)
ITNInstallation Transport Network
ITNInferior Tragal Notch (brain anatomy)
ITNInformation Technology Networking (various locations)
ITNIntrathecally Injected Narcotics
ITNIdentification of Training Needs (various locations)
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The fourth matter under investigation is the allegation that up-front payment was received for advertisements promoting presidential election candidate Maithripala Sirisena, but that these advertisements had not been aired and Rs 86 lakhs had been returned thus depriving ITN of an income the institution should have received.
ITN International is the world leader in mobile NFC, BLE and cloud-based event solutions.
Debra Ward, managing director, Macro, added: "We are proud of our long standing relationship with ITN and thrilled to have extended this contract further.
ITN Productions has commissioned the news programme and UK director of programming, Simon Shelley, will oversee the editorial process.
And fellow ITN presenter Alastair Stewart said: "He was everything I ever aspired to be.
The CEO of ITN John Hardie said: "ITN stands on the shoulders of giants, none greater than Sir Alastair Burnet.
They are both big earners and it may make sense to just use ITN newsreaders and journalists to front the show at a much lower cost.
Once ITN vehicles arrive at a forward operating base, a force protection company escorts them from the entry control point to the central receiving and shipping point.
4) First meeting with ITN team and agreement to form a company;
Rademan worked closely with all ITN technical engineers with regards to the Juniper Switching components, including the Juniper Distribution Protocols and the Juniper Hardware in General.
Born in Norwich, Norfolk, Barnes joined ITN as a reporter in 1976, where her rise in journalism continued.
Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan said Carol took him under her wing when he started at ITN in the late 1980s and he would remember her with great affection and respect.