ITOPIngeniero Técnico de Obras Públicas (Spanish: Public Works Engineering)
ITOPInduced Termination of Pregnancy
ITOPInformation Technology Omnibus Procurement
ITOPInternational Test Operations Procedure
ITOPIntercontinental Transport of Pollution
ITOPIowa Teachers of Psychology
ITOPIntegrated Test Operational Panel
ITOPIntegrating Theory and Observations of the Pleistocene (European Research Council)
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To show that ITOP can generate complex 3D structures, printed, human-sized external ears were implanted under the skin of mice.
La prueba de Scheffe (tabla 5) detecta diferencias significativas en las estrategias contradistractoras entre los alumnos de ITOP y MEE (p [menor que o igual a] .
The Millennia and ITOP II Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) programs fulfill the federal government's demand for large system integration and development projects by providing information technology (IT) services in a timely and cost-effective manner and for providing federal agencies with fast and efficient total information technology (IT) solutions including technical services, hardware and software.
ITOP presents a way of creating and maintaining schools that are both safe and conducive to academic success.
ITOP aimed to make additional measurements, at higher wind speeds, and under a larger variety of atmospheric and oceanic conditions.
This recognition by ESG is proof positive of our growing industry leadership and the innovative technology that defines our Vistara ITOP solution.