ITPRInfrared Temperature Profile Radiometer
ITPRInformation-Travels Public Relations (Germany)
ITPRInstitute of Tibetan Plateau Research
ITPRInformal Test Problem Report
ITPRIntraoral Tube Panoramic Radiography
ITPRIndependent Third Party Reviewer (Canada)
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0356 utilisation economic rate indicators ITPR Share of ICT STAN data 0.
On purchases less than $500,000, an information copy spreadsheet of monthly consolidated ITPRs are sent to SPAWAR.
SPAWAR has tech reviewed 9,355 line items from 14,800 ITPRs valued at $3.
The ITPR solution is based on the premise that flawless promotion planning and execution requires a cross-functional, integrated organization that uses information such as scientific forecasts, scenario analysis, supply chain constraint factors and dynamic planning to synchronize demand and supply.
The ITPR smart form will be completed by requesting commands and then forwarded via email to their respective Echelon II CIO for processing.
Requests for IT support services must include (attached to the ITPR smart form) a copy of the contract statement of work and any other supporting documentation for the services to be provided.
Comptrollers will support the ITPR process to ensure proper allocation and renouncing of approved IT.
Command information officers: (1) will ensure IT procurement requests are submitted via ITPR smart form; (2) review and approve or disapprove ITPRs under $500,000 that are not required to be submitted to higher authority under the requirements of NAVADMIN 346/11; (3) submit IT procurement requests exceeding $500,000 to SPAWAR for approval; and (4) maintain an ITPR history file and submit to higher authority when directed.
The Bureau of Medicine and Surgery IT procurement requests are not required to use ITPR.
ITPRs less than $500,000 will be approved by the Echelon II command information officer (CIO).